Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zen for Little People

Inspired by nature in all of its beauty & simplicity, the Fisher Price Zen Collection was designed to create harmony in the home with its earthy colors, beautiful wood accents and richly textured fabrics...

Let's see, the company that sells America about a zillion tons of obscenely bright plastic every year now intends to "create harmony in the home"? Could they be worried about karma? Nah, they probably just see a chance to sell even more stuff to exhausted parents. Kind of like selling the virus and the cure.

But if Fisher Price has truly found the light, then I guess the new way to Zen is earth toned baby gear...

With graceful patterns that are inspired by nature, each piece in the Zen Collection promises to complement your home’s d├ęcor while creating a serene, soothing environment for baby.

All I can think of is how are they going to make yoga pants to fit those Little People figurines? Now that would be transcendent!

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