Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Download. Print. Cut.

It’s that easy.

Just check out the Fun Stuff page for a Toy-themed Ornament Garland and gift tags to help make your holiday more festive. Need gift suggestions? We’ve put together a gift guide to help you select the perfect gift within your budget.

You may notice that the garland and toy gift tags are in shades of blue and green. Why blue? When I was a kid, my mom decorated our tree with blue lights and frosted silvery-blue glass balls. It always felt dreamy and peaceful. So when it was time to create new Fun Stuff page for the Holidays, I naturally gravitated to using a blue palette.


- Deb

P.S. I've also included a set of Christmas/Winter gift tags.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

'Cause its Hard Out There in the Sandbox?

Crowd control a problem in the sandbox? Tea parties getting just a little too rowdy? MY FIRST TAZZR! is the solution for peaceful play! With MY FIRST TAZZR! your child can subdue any other child in just 2.1 seconds - and have a blast doing it! Even after hours of agressive play, children just refuse to put this one down. Little Sis will squeal with delight, "Taze me again, bro!"

If you think this toy is real and you want one for your child, click here so we can report you to Child Protective Services.