Saturday, July 29, 2006

Schoolin' Julius is Here

Small Paul Frank is ready for school. Are you?

Julius, our mischevious friend from paul frank, is in the classroom & ready to learn!

"Already?" you ask.

"Well why not?", Julius replies, "Smart monkeys are always prepared!"

So take his sage advice, and snap up your tees before they are gone to little monkeys everywhere! Only $20-$23 each. Just click on the pictures and you'll be there.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Random Nicole for the Whole Family

Can Mommy-daughter Dressing Be Cool?

Finally, baby, big sis and mommy can have fun dressing alike without looking matchy-matchy silly! Our new onesies, girl's tees, and mommy skirts from Random Nicole share a theme, yet allow each member of the family to express some individual attitude.

To designer, Nicole Stevenson, random means being inspired by everything and following every whim. So it is no surprise that each piece of her wearable art has a range of influences. The unexpected, yet cohesive pairings of patterns, colors and images create something truly special.