Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What's in there, Grandpa?

At first glance, the retro illustrations on this baby romper from Gold Rush Outfitters are as sweet and innocent as can be.

The idea that grandpa has an apron full of old fashioned baby supplies is a little unusual. But what the heck, why not?

He's got everything handy ... diapers, a baby bottle, a pacifier... and oh my! Is that really a Playboy magazine in Grandpa's apron?

What were we thinking when we bought this?

What could the designers have been thinking?

Would anybody want their baby to wear this?

For our part, I'm sure we just didn't notice. Can you blame us if we never considered that Grandpa might have a dirty mind! For the designers part, the fact that this romper comes from a Japanese company explains a lot. Gold Rush clothes are intended to look like vintage American jeans, tees and athletic wear. But the main draw for us at Oliebollen is their distinctly Japanese point of view.

The Japanese are famous for their disinterest in the meaning of the Americana they use to market products. For example, Poccari Sweat (a sports drink) and Mother Stick (a candy bar) are some of the most popular brands in Japan.

There is just something satisfyingly wierd about seeing another culture's take on our own. It is often hilarious too. Except, I guess, when they take our beloved Gramps to be a perv!

What do you think of this romper? Is it funny, offensive, or just strange.
Should we sell it? Send us your comments!