Monday, September 01, 2008

Finding Our Barry

Who would have thought my B.A. in Anthropology (class of '81) would finally be useful (told you dad!). But it actually was on my recent buying trip to Las Vegas. As I waded through every genre of fashion, culture & humanity itself, I felt much like a scientist exploring a totally foreign, yet fascinating world. Millions of products on display - each loved by somebody - for some reason. And all set within a city offering every idea of entertainment imaginable.

Not only was it fun, but it helped me see Barry Manilow in a whole new light. I may not want to wear his face on my chest or own a set of "Manilow - the Hits" wine glasses. But I can totally see why someone would. Everybody has his or her own Barry. Our goal in life is to find it, wear it, embrace it, be it.

And that is exactly what is about. We're devoted to our idea of what is cool for kids. It may not be yours. But if it is, we're your Barry. And you know, we can't smile without you...
P.S. I'm thinking Barry isn't so bad, is he? What do you think?

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charmschool said...

Barry is is still suffering from the over-exposure hangover of the 70's. Anyone who would use the rockin' name 'Mandy' way-back-when shows the guy has got something going on.

New style blog rocks - keep it comin'.