Sunday, September 14, 2008

Asian Kitschology

At last, the perfect gift to get those tv-watching, computer-game-addicted boys off their butts and into the outdoors.

Inside this gift-giver's delight of a tin, you will find a carefully chosen vintage-style metal torch, magnifying glass, metal compass, string with knot-guide and notebook and pencil.

Featured in magazines the world over - this absolutely rocks!

Created by illustrator, Fiona Hewitt, and expert in Asian Kitschology, Andy Tainton, Dumpling Dynasty kits were inspired by years spent living in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, endlessly trawling the flea markets and junk shops for inspiration.

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Hillary B. said...

This is really wonderful. I'm going to check out the other kits now. Hope they are as cool. Is this from the woman who does Miso Pretty soaps? It looks like it could be.