Monday, November 19, 2007

Holiday Savings Start Today

Sleep in on Black Friday. Get some actual work done on Cyber Monday. Skip the long lines, the crowds, the sore feet. Do something different this year. You can because ...

Our Holiday Deals are Here Now!

We've reduced prices by 20-40% on hundreds of items throughout our store! Selected toys, clothes, books, decor and more are on sale.


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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Help with Your Toy Safety Concerns

With all of the scary, scary news out there these days about toy recalls and toy safety issues, we thought it would be helpful to discuss with you how and where the toys we carry are made.

At, we use great care in choosing the toys we sell. Quality, safety, play-value, design, innovation, and goofiness are all key factors in our decision to carry any individual toy.

Ideally, we would love to carry only 100% organic toys made with zero environmental impact, produced by labor paid a living wage under working conditions that provide a decent quality of life. And we are always seeking new suppliers who are working toward such goals.

However, as most concerned parents are fully aware, few toy makers in the market today are anywhere near fulfilling these goals. Current tastes, market conditions, and a host of other factors allow cheap, mass-produced toys to reign. So what can we do?

At, we believe the best approach to this problem is to find and support companies we trust. So before we even consider a toy, we take a good look at the company behind it.

Like most consumers, we feel most comfortable with toys made in the USA and Europe because we are familiar with the labor and product safety laws and enforcement practices in these countries. However, we understand that it is companies who make the toys, not countries. It is the companies who are responsible for adhering to our U.S. safety standards and inspecting their products prior to delivery. The fact that a supplier manufactures toys in Asia does not necessarily mean they produce a lesser product.

So we ask suppliers to tell us not only where the toys are made, but how they are made.

Companies who readily supply this information and offer us their safety and environmental policies in writing rate the highest in our book. The ability to have direct communication with management of a toy company is key to this relationship. Accordingly, all of our suppliers are smaller, independent, specialty toy makers. And because they make toys in batches of hundreds or thousands – not millions, they are better able to monitor manufacturing and prevent distribution should a problem occur.

To assist consumers, we have compiled a document that lists of our main toy suppliers and what we know about them. We plan to update this document with new information as it becomes available. We encourage consumers to contact us with any additional information or questions, or to share personal experiences with a company's products or management.

Click here to see information about individual toy companies.

Thank you very much for your interest in our products.

Margaret Schankler

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What's in there, Grandpa?

At first glance, the retro illustrations on this baby romper from Gold Rush Outfitters are as sweet and innocent as can be.

The idea that grandpa has an apron full of old fashioned baby supplies is a little unusual. But what the heck, why not?

He's got everything handy ... diapers, a baby bottle, a pacifier... and oh my! Is that really a Playboy magazine in Grandpa's apron?

What were we thinking when we bought this?

What could the designers have been thinking?

Would anybody want their baby to wear this?

For our part, I'm sure we just didn't notice. Can you blame us if we never considered that Grandpa might have a dirty mind! For the designers part, the fact that this romper comes from a Japanese company explains a lot. Gold Rush clothes are intended to look like vintage American jeans, tees and athletic wear. But the main draw for us at Oliebollen is their distinctly Japanese point of view.

The Japanese are famous for their disinterest in the meaning of the Americana they use to market products. For example, Poccari Sweat (a sports drink) and Mother Stick (a candy bar) are some of the most popular brands in Japan.

There is just something satisfyingly wierd about seeing another culture's take on our own. It is often hilarious too. Except, I guess, when they take our beloved Gramps to be a perv!

What do you think of this romper? Is it funny, offensive, or just strange.
Should we sell it? Send us your comments!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Fall is Heading your Way

How do you play end of summer? Are you a bit blue to see summer's end approaching or are you anticipating crisp fall air (and apples)? The beauty of our Fall 2007 offerings can be used to ease the pain or celebrate - Follow whichever line of reasoning speaks to you and check out our Fall pieces for you AND your little girl.

This Fall our harvest is packed with gorgeous pieces for girls and their Mama's
(Just between you & me . . . keep your eye out for: Calypso (for you and her), TOCCA (for you and her), Orla Kiely(for you!)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

International Flair for their Feet

Shoes - for celebrating! Hip slip-ons from the Flagga line of Vincent Shoes feature full-color representations of 4 fabulous flags. Shoes you can use just in time for Wimbledon (UK Flag), US Fourth of July (US Flag), National Day (Swedish Flag) or Giro D'Italia (Italian flag -yes, we're a bit late, but it always comes round again - buy a pair that fit now, and one size up for next year!).
Or perhaps you'd like Junior to show off your Italian-American/British-American/Swedish-American Heritage - order one pair of each and mix it up!
Four fab choices from Swedish company Vincent

Friday, May 11, 2007


Wonder what's hatching at Oliebollen? Nothing less than a flock of charming babybird goodies (and more) from the glorious Lotta Jansdotter. Adorable chick blankets, bodysuits, hats AND we've just received a wonderful selection of Lotta's stuffed soft toys that pair up with the duds for an incredibly appealing gift set (even if it is a gift for your own precious Little).
Just look at that little brown owl - he's such a smartie - we love him!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Did you say Warehouse Sale? Giddyup!

Join us this Saturday May 5, 2007 at our non-cyber location in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We've really stuffed the racks - just wait till you see the goodies we've got for you! A varied assortment of great clothes & shoes from past seasons are phenomenally priced at up to 90% off. We'll have lots of fun toys and other stuff too. Sorry, none of these deals will be available on the web site.

What You Need to Know:
Date: Saturday, May 5, 2007 --- ONE DAY ONLY!
Time: 9 am - 3 pm (Doors will not open till 9am)
Location: 101 Parkland Plaza Ann Arbor, MI 48103
CLICK HERE FOR A MAP.Phone: 734-668-1887

Notes and Disclaimers for this Sale:We accept cash and check only. No credit cards accepted. All sales are final. No returns or exchanges. Sale items are not currently available on our web site and sale does not apply to any products available on our website.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Melissa & Doug Toy Sale

Now through April 15th, save 20% or more on every Melissa & Doug toy we sell!

Click here to see all of the great deals.

What more is there to say? Now go, get shopping!

Monday, February 05, 2007

New Paul Frank for the Whole Family

At last ... Paul Frank for All!

The empire that is paul frank industries, inc. has finally bestowed upon us the full range of their awesome products. So now we can outfit the whole family in silly-cool stuff. Use this handy reference guide to make your way through the bounty:

Paul Frank goods are hip things from paul frank industries for adults.

The Julius & Friends label offers clothing and goods sporting the
many characters (aka friends) of Paul Frank.
The clothes in this line are sized for teens, women and adults.
(No kids stuff here because kids have their own label!)

Lastest and smallest, is small paul, the complete line of stuff made just for kids.
The small paul label offers Julius & Friends character gear all year round,
plus seasonal collections of hard-rocking duds for little hipsters.
Fits boys and girls in sizes 2T-6X/7.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Semi-Annual Clothing Sale

A sale like this doesn't happen very often. Actually, only twice per year ... hence the title "Semi-Annual". Our loyal fans know that this is the time to snap up great deals on our best boutique clothing brands for baby & child. Save from 25% to 60% on selected styles from Tea Collection, Gold Rush, Confetti, Chipie, Cakewalk, Zutano, Marese, Alphabet, Baby Lulu and many, many more! Limited sizes and quantities. So don't dawdle!

Click here to see all sale items!