Friday, January 30, 2009

Share Ur Luv ....With Us!

We have our winners! There were so many fab entries, we hated to have to choose and perhaps break someone's heart a little : (

So instead of just 3 winners, we chose these 4:

Yvonne (we need your e-mail address)

We'd like to give a special shout out to Spiralmg for going the extra mile and making us this video.

Many thanks, hugs & kisses to all who entered!

Dear Oliebabble Readers & Fans:

You know we love you dearly. You visit, you call, you shop, you send us photos of the kids. How could we not totally love you?

But what we're not so sure about is how much you love us! We're just insecure that way and need a little reassurance now and then.

So this Valentines Day maybe you could send us a little note in this blog post's comments section to let us know why and/or how much you love us? We'll choose our 3 most favorites and send each of the three writers a token of our love (in the form of a $25 gift certificate). Be sure to include your e-mail address, so we know how to contact you to award your prize. Comments must be submitted by 2/14/09 to be eligible.

A Free V-Day Gift for You!
As self-involved as we are here at, we do realize that Valentines Day is not all about us. It's about expressing love. So to help you express yours, our resident artist, the fab Deb Pilutti has created some printable V-Day cards. And they are totally free. Just click here to get em! And while you're at it why not pick up a gift for someone special. Here are some fun ideas!


Oliebaby said...

The greatest love is self love.


Yours forever,

charmschool said...

happy happy valentine's - I LOVE downloadable goodies, and those are so cool. I love shopping with because 1) they consistently offer funky stuff for boys AND girls and 2) if you have a question, it is answered (email or phone) by a real (nice) person! Thank you and keep up the good work!!

Becky said...

Happy Valentine's Day, a little early! I am such a fan of and hope that the CPSIA law is not affecting you too adversely. thank you for the valentines - my 5 y.o. will love coloring them!

Renee' Simmons said...

These are just tooo cute! Thank you so much for sharing & giving!

maymom said...

aaah. What can I say about Oliebollen? It is the only online kids store I use and use it I do. So much so that my husband has actually asked, "What is w/you and that Oliebollen!" On the final nights before Christmas he would often catch me there--finding the perfect toy, book, art supply or cozy hat. And we've rarely missed a warehouse sale trekking from our home over an hour a way to stand in line w/ the Ann Arbor Mamas (and a couple brave Poppas too.)

So why do I love Olie--the creative toys (scratching boombox) , the amazing art supplies, (beeswax crayons, paper-making kit) fun books (Mommy?), and of course the unusual clothes for boys and girls. It is one-stop shopping for my daughter, nieces, nephews, shower and b'day gifts. The online sales are wonderful and the customer service is exemplary.

For a little while I thought I'd keep it my secret, but that lasted about a minute. As the funny priest I used to work with said,



Valerie said...

Three things I love about Oliebollen:

Tricycle/Motorcycle Baby Boots.
Little Red Pianos.
DJ Mixers.

Okay, three more things:

Not always pink baby clothes of soft cottons!

Gorgeous Swedish bouncy chairs for new little nieces!

And, hands down, the best Baby Shower gifts!

Okay plus I love:

The entire staff of Oliebollen that has never failed me with the perfect "Cool Kids" gift advice.

Brimful Curiosities said...

awesome valentines. Thanks so much. This is my first time visiting so I've browsed around a little and like it alot. Looks like you feature a lot of funky clothes and hip toys.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the Valentines.

They are sure to be a hit with my daughter's pals.

Thanks for providing the fun, special designs and continually proving Oliebollen is the best!

Cheri Pfarrer said...

Cool kids need cool stuff- and that's the stuff Oliebollen is made of! I'm not a fan of "cute-sy" and I'm all "pastel-ed" out... Oliebollen offers such an awesome collection of hip and wonderful items. I'm off to "shop" right now!!!! We love Oliebollen!

Nicole said...

I LOVE Oliebollen because my 3 girlz LOVE Oliebollen!!!

XOXO & Peace

fl mom said...

I love that Oliebollen remembers that life is about having fun! The selection of toys, books, accessories, and clothing make it possible to find something unique for anyone on your list for any occasion. Keeping with the fun factor, how about the crazy holiday giveaways? I was spreading the word to friends and family everywhere - and they all purchased at least one more gift to place under the tree! Thanks for the Valentines, and thanks for keeping things fun in cyberspace and at home with the things we find on your site!

highcountrymama said...

I LOVE Oliebollen because my 3 girlz LOVE Oliebollen.

XOXO and Peace

Alyssa said...

Oilie oilie one, two, three, how I love to shop with thee,

Oilie Oilie four, five, six, always great sales and never any trix.

Oilie, Oilie, seven, eight, nine, won’t you be my valentine?

Oilie Oilie, lastly, 10, I am so happy, can I win?

katieupnorth said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Oliebollen has the hippest stuff
that parents love and babies do too.

Much love,

Katie (mommy) and Anna (baby)

katieupnorth said...

oops, missed the "leave your email" instruction!


Beth said...

I thought long and hard on what tactic to use on this post. Would I use my charm?? Could my creative genius pull this one off?? Hard choice, huh. Then it came to me! Self pity!! :)

Oliebaby, Oliebaby pick me PLEASE!

I'm begging you...I'm down on my knees!

I need a gift certificate and I need it bad!

I have to get a Valentine for my little lad!

Happy Valentine's Day to you, by the way!

Olliebollen is the best place to shop AND play!


Beth said...

I forgot my email, too!

catherine said...

you know I luv ya baby!
off to share the love with my peeps!
stay tuned woman!

elma said...

Happy Valentines to you!! I love the downloadable valentines. My kids are going to love them.

spiralmg said...

Whenever I think of Oliebollen
It makes my mind just start a-rollin' –
I make my way across the floor
To sit in front of my keyboard.
I love the way it feels so right
To look at the Oliebollen site all night.
The color, the cuts, the fabric, the clothes –
I just want to know who it is that knows
How to pick all the things that look so fine
I just wish that more of them could be mine...
But whenever I think of Oliebollen,
I remember that both my kids are growin'
And that's a good reason to go online
To the very best site that you can find.

panhandler said...

the cutest cute that ever did cute is Olibollen! I love your style and the valentine's...I've already printed them out and sent them to family!!! XOXO

Ann said...

I just happen to LOVE Oliebabble because you make me feel joyful.

I feel inspired and in the mood to 'give' when I see your designs.

I am SO happy that I have Oliebabble in my bag-of-tricks for gift giving!

Thank you!
Ann Again... and again :->

Anonymous said...

A Valentine's haiku for you:

Your site draws me in
Shop, smile, happy

Thank you!!

The Spaids said...

I grew up EATING oliebollen, so how fun is that? I love the Valentine printable cards, I printed out them for my daughter and friend and they colored them for their daddys. Thanks!

maymom said...

I didn't properly leave my contact info:
yours, alise

precious.preemie said...

Sending my love on Valentines Day! Your site enabled me to see a (well dressed and intelligent) future for my precious son. He was extremely premature and it was the most difficult 68 days in four hospitals for us. I ordered outfits and toys that he will enjoy in the future and started thinking positively about his months and years to come. Thank you;)

dankian said...

Oliebollen, my valentine, you often come to mind,
you're a terrific place to shop at,
you're truly one of a kind,
you're so lovely and so sweet,
and as a great place to shop for hip toys, awesome clothes and cool kid stuff,
My Oliebollen can't be beat!

Yvonne said...

Dear Olie-b,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing the ADORABLE downloadable valentine's cards. What a fun, fast and economical way to approach v-day cards for the kids classmates. We happily bypassed the same ole' lame cartoon character cards for these beauties!

And...I don't want to miss this opportunity to give you props for your outstanding customer service. You, Oliebollen, are doing it right!

Gratefully yours,