Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mark Your Calendars for Fun!

Visit on
November 28th thru December 2nd for some game show inspired fun!

Our Arm Chair Holiday Shopping Sweep spans 5 days & offers a bunch of new freebies & deals each day! The catch is that the surprises are hidden, so you really have to explore the site to find them.

So nimble up those fingers & prepare to shop like a madwoman on the old game show Supermarket Sweep!

We'll post clues here everyday during the event. So be sure to check back!

Click for full details.

1 comment:

cltgrace said...

Oh, me too! I love comments! I'm participating in the Parent Blogger blast about the Oliebollen armchair shopping spree! What a thrill to particpate! Thanks a bunch for such a fun & generous giveaway. We love Oliebollen!