Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blogging for Bloggers

This blog was created to spread the word when new stuff arrives in stock at But as much as we love the idea of doing this, we probably think more about our neglect of this blog than we do about actually posting to it!

Why do we have such a hard time promoting ourselves? I don't know. Prior to founding this business, I spent many years in marketing, and had no problem promoting other companies!

Yet, when it comes to stuff that I truly, personally love, I'm at a loss for words. If I love something, I want others to see what I see at first glance. Explaining why I love something is almost too personal. What if I bare my soul about how I feel when Sophie the Giraffe looks at me with her innocent, rubber eyes ... and people think she's nothing special? Silly as it is, that thought kind of hurts.

(Awkward silence ....)

Oh, Sorry! I'll get to the point.

From now on, we're going to expand the focus of this blog to include what we like to do better - talk about how great other people are. Specifically, how great other people's blogs are.

So today, we're going to start with one old favorite and one new find.

Red Shoes
Catherine of Red Shoes is a personal friend and a local artist here in Ann Arbor, MI. She has an adorable little gift shop & webstore. On her blog, she chats about her daily life in a way that lets you see how an artist thinks.

A simple pleasure. Enjoy!

Motherhood Uncensored
I just found Kristen's blog the other day. It was during one of those meandering surfs that may have started at and an hour later dropped me at Motherhood Uncensored with total amnesia about how I got there. As I read Kristen's quick post about sending her daughter off to school for the first time, I laughed, I was touched, I marveled at her wit, and then I wondered what was wrong with me that I never heard of her before. As I explored her blog and followed links from there, I discovered that Kristen is one of the big deals in the "Mommy Blogger" world. And her blog is just one of her many, interesting ventures.

A snarky pleasure. Read it & smirk.

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