Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hot Off the Presses ...

The New York Daily News Picks as a Top Ten Gift Site!

Just when we thought those daily New York tabloid-sized papers were all screaming headlines and intentionally awful photos, this charming little story appeared to change our minds forever.

10 gift sites for tykes

The crowds. The lines. The Muzak. Shlepping bags of toys on a crowded subway. Shopping for your kids' holiday presents in the city is enough to turn any gift-giver into a Scrooge, but there is a better way. Play Cyber Santa instead, by finding the perfect toys online. But with so many sites, where should you start? Read on for the top 10 toy Web sites, guaranteed to put the glow back into your cheeks.

See the story and photos at:
The New York Daily News 2006 On-line Gift Guide.

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